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App Offers Self-Guided Tour of Levee Trail

MAY 2017

Cell phone showing app screen

An interactive tour of the Bruce Hannon Levee Trail at LCF’s Sangamon River Corridor Reserve is now available in the Prairie State Hike App. The app costs 99 cents and is available in your app store. It’s compatible with Apple and Android devices and includes trails all over Illinois, including Allerton Park’s formal gardens.

Before your trail visit, download the app in a location with a strong internet connection (the app files are fairly large). Open the app, then open the “Central East Illinois” category. Find the Sangamon River Corridor Reserve hike and download the file.

Then take your device along when you head out to hike. At a dozen points along the trail, the app will enrich your experience with photos and fun facts on topics from fungus and frogs to the Mahomet Aquifer. An interactive map will display your location on the trail.

John Marlin, PhD, Joins LCF Board

MARCH 2017

John Marlin

At the February 3, 2017, meeting of the Board of Directors, John Marlin, PhD, was invited to join the LCF Board. We are excited to have Dr. Marlin on the board. He brings a great deal of expertise and knowledge to the board, thanks to many years of experience with a wide range of environmental agencies and organizations.

John joined the Illinois Sustainable Technology Center (ISTC) of the University of Illinois in May of 1993. He is now retired, but serves as a research affiliate. Over the years, he worked on many river issues including the federal-state Illinois River Ecosystem Restoration Study. He assisted the Illinois Department of Natural Resources with the “Mud to Parks” project, which involved the long-distance transport of sediment from the Illinois River and other water bodies for use as topsoil. As a volunteer, he currently manages several native planting projects at the University of Illinois.

Prior to joining ISTC, John served for more than nine years on the Illinois Pollution Control Board, five of them as chairman. While at the Board, Marlin initiated the Illinois legislative and regulatory programs for managing scrap tires and associated mosquitoes.

From 1972 to 1983, Marlin was executive director of the Coalition on American Rivers (later known as the Central States Resource Center), a conservation advocacy organization for a variety of issues, primarily focused on state and national water resource and transportation issues. During that time, he was also a leader in the Committee on Allerton Park. Those organizations are now known as the Prairie Rivers Network. John was also involved with the Natural Areas Coalition in the ’70s, which was the precursor to the Illinois Environmental Council.

John received a BS in biology and MS and PhD in entomology from UIUC.

2016 Annual Report


Panoramic view of floodplain at SRCR

LCF’s 2016 Annual Report (click for the full report) documents in detail a busy, successful year. Highlights included:

  • January—Success of the hydrology restoration at the SRCR after a December flood event (SRCR floodplain pictured above, fall 2016)
  • April—King Corn & Big River Film Event
  • May—Work Day at the SRCR; Celebrating Mother’s Day at the SRCR
  • June—Resignation of Executive Director Terre Zeigler
  • August—Hired Executive Director Deanna Glosser
  • September—Signed the 2017 CRP Agreement
  • October—Received monitoring reports for the SRCR mitigation projects
  • November—Board of Directors’ Retreat; Mailed LCF’s first End-of-the-Year Appeal Letter
  • December—Planted the last five acres at the SRCR; Participated in the Vital Lands Summit

LCF’s Revised Mission Statement


At their December meeting, the LCF Board of Directors approved a revised mission statement. The new language highlights LCF’s focus on our part of Illinois and the importance of creating corridors and connecting people and nature—in perpetuity.

Mission Image

LCF’s New Executive Director


Deanna Glosser

At their August meeting, the LCF Board of Directors approved the hiring of Dr. Deanna Glosser as the executive director following the resignation of Terre Zeigler. Deanna is an environmental planner with a PhD from the Department of Urban & Regional Planning at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. She has been involved with protecting natural resources for 30 years and is excited about working with LCF with its mission of protecting and restoring land in perpetuity.

Most recently, Deanna was an appointed member of the Illinois Pollution Control Board where she served for almost five years, two of which she served as the chairman. Prior to that she was president and CEO of Environmental Planning Solutions, Inc. (EPSI), a small, woman-owned business for over seven years. As a consultant, Deanna worked on a wide range of projects including the three-year effort to update the Illinois Natural Areas Inventory where she served as the Planning and Communications Coordinator. Her responsibilities included landowner contact, engaging stakeholders statewide, and writing the Illinois Sustainable Natural Areas Vision, which set forth a workable, implementable framework for creating a sustainable, connected system of natural areas.

During this time, Deanna was also the co-founder of the Sustainable Watershed Action Team, which provided technical assistance to local governments in northeastern Illinois in adopting sustainable development ordinances and preparation of comprehensive and green infrastructure plans. As one last example, Deanna was a member of a team with the Illinois State Museum that developed a comprehensive educational website that documented 12,000 years of human use of the Illinois River.

Prior to founding EPSI, she worked for the Illinois Department of Natural Resources for 13 years where she last served as the agency’s strategic planner and lead on “smart growth” issues; before this she was the manager of the division that was responsible for ensuring compliance by all state agencies and local units of government with the state’s key resource-related regulations — wetlands, endangered species, and cultural resources. Deanna began her career at IDNR as the endangered species program manager.

In the past, Deanna was closely involved with the American Planning Association where she co-authored three policy guides for APA on wetlands, endangered species, and community and regional food planning. She also founded the Slow Food chapter in Springfield and served as the leader for six years. In addition, Dr. Glosser has served as an Adjunct Assistant Professor at UIUC’s Department of Urban & Regional Planning and an Adjunct Professor in the Environmental Studies program at the University of Illinois-Springfield. Deanna recently moved to Champaign from the Springfield area. Her interests include bird-watching, traveling (particularly to Florence, Italy), reading, and cooking.

According to Deanna, however, her greatest passion is protecting natural resources so that the earth’s ecosystem functions and all plant and animal species will thrive well into the future. She hopes to bring this enthusiasm for protecting natural resources to LCF.

Farewell to LCF Executive Director Terre Zeigler


Terre Ziegler

Join LCF in wishing outgoing Executive Director Terre Zeigler the very best in her new adventures as she leaves LCF.

Terre served as the executive director for LCF almost since its founding and is largely responsible for the growth of LCF over the years.

Among her many accomplishments are overseeing:

  • Acquisition of the 108-acre Sangamon River Corridor Reserve (SRCR) near Monticello
  • Successful restoration of 59 acres of former cropland at this site
  • Coordination with the Farm Services Agency and Piatt County SWCD in enrolling a portion of SRCR land in the Conservation Reserve Program
  • The donation by The Nature Conservancy of the 87-acre Mettler Woods Nature Preserve in DeWitt County, and
  • Improvements to the Bruce Hannon Levee Trail at the Sangamon River Corridor Reserve

We applaud Terre for her commitment to the mission of LCF and wish her continued successes.