Hike App Tour of the Sangamon River Corridor Reserve

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An interactive, self-guided tour of the Bruce Hannon Levee Trail at LCF’s Sangamon River Corridor Reserve is available in the Prairie State Hike App, a project of the Prairie State Conservation Coalition.

At a dozen stops along the trail, the app enriches your experience with photos and fun facts. An interactive map shows your location at all times. You can also use the app at home to preview the trail or learn more about its beauties and benefits.

To Get the Hike App

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The app works on Apple and Android devices and includes trails all over Illinois.

Search your app store for Prairie State Hike. Once you’ve downloaded the app, you’ll need to download our specific hike. Look for Sangamon River Corridor Reserve in the Central East Illinois category.

NOTE: App files are large. You may wish to download our hike at a location with a strong internet connection before going to the trail.

Printable Tour

You can also print the text of the tour (4 pages, PDF).